The team.

Our team is comprised of diverse, highly qualified, and driven individuals who bring collective experience across many sectors. Read our insights.

Yiannis Gavrielides
Founder and CEO

The Dreamer
Entrepreneurship, banking & consulting. Foodie & theatre fan.

Alex Protogerellis
Founder and CTO

The Man of very many hats
Product, tech & analytics. UAV pilot & BBQ addict.

Christis Charalambous
Customer success

The Adapter
Searching, adapting, evolving. Windsurf, basketball, motorsports.

Alex Cican
Product Designer

The Joker
Design. Photography & travel.

Michael Asimakopoulos
Software Engineer

The Craftsman
Avant-garde development. Meat junkie & motorsports fan.

Zafeiris Malafouris
Software Engineer

The Riddler
Algorithms & clean code. Tennis, basketball & travel.

Valadis Novakovits
Software Engineer

The Polyglot
Object oriented programming. Concerts & cocktails.

Manolis Koufidakis
Software Engineer

The Wrench
Clean code, refactoring and performance optimization & rock ’n’ roll.

Iason Asimakopoulos
Software Engineer

The Rationalist
Front end, algorithms, curious, not a cat person (or a dog person)

Maria Christou
Quality Assurance

The Bookworm
Research & analysis. Puzzles & coursera passionate.

Theo Middleton
Business Advisor

The Fixer
Entrepreneurship, investments & law. Motor head & keen skier.

Constantinos Lefteris
Technology Advisor

The Architect
eBanking & eCommerce. Ex-rock star!

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This project is co-funded by the ERDF as part of the Funding Scheme for Entrepreneurial Innovation of the Cyprus Ministry of Energy, Industry, Commerce and Tourism (selection number