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The smartest, simplest address book app.

Covve is specifically designed for professionals who value their contact network. Covve offers tools that help you better manage and grow your network and uncover new opportunities.

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“This simple yet state-of-the-art app will
revolutionize your business relationships
like you’ve never seen.”


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Looking for an excuse to call?

Be the first to hear of news affecting your contacts.

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Incomplete address book?

Auto-complete missing information.

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Contacts all over the place?

Easily categorize and visualize your contacts.

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Forgetting to stay in touch?

Automatically get reminded and never lose touch.

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Bloated social networks?

Create your private and curated contact network.

  • “Great way to take advantage of professional contacts and support Business Development efforts.”

    Pangratios Vanezis, Principal, KPMG.

  • “Cannot function without Covve anymore. HIGHLY recommended.”

    Theo Middleton, CEO, DigitalTree.

  • “Simply a superb contact management system and a superb app to accompany it!”

    Adonis Theocharides, Director, Reanda.

  • “Your app is the best app I have found by far (and I’ve searched dozens) for maintaining personal relationships. It’s had a huge positive impact on my own personal relationships.”

    Kevin Packer, Product Manager, Infuse.

Your contacts are a valuable asset. They belong to you.

Safeguarding your data is our priority.

We believe that the address book is one of your most valuable assets, and Covve has been designed to protect it and empower you as its gatekeeper.

Learn more about Privacy and Security.

You’re minutes away from transforming your
address book.

The Ultimate Professional Address Book - Covve
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The Ultimate Professional Address Book - Covve
Access a powerful, sophisticated engine to cleanse, visualize, & connect your address book, keeping it always up to date & build your own private contact network.
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