How to Convert a Phone Number to International Format?

It is safe to say that now more than ever, it is a lot easier to communicate with people all over the world.

The birth of smartphones and the exponential growth of technology are largely responsible for this.

Today, you even have friends and business partners in other countries that you communicate with easily. For your international call or text to reach the expected destination, there’s a standard format that the phone number has to be in, as each country is assigned a unique country code.

It is quite easy and straightforward to put call through or send texts, although a bit of attention to little details is required to avoid any mix up.

Country codes

Adding the right country code to a phone number is the most important thing to do to make sure it is in the appropriate international format.

Doing it across your address book is important as you can seamlessly call anyone from home or when travelling abroad. The issue is that it is not that straight forward.

The UK mobile numbers, for example, need a 0 as prefix when being dialled from home e.g. 07911345678, but they drop the 0 when the international format is called i.e. +447911345678.

Other countries e.g. Russia, don’t have the 0.

Adding the appropriate country code to each and every contact on your phone book could be really a daunting task for you.

Thankfully Covve, the company behind the advanced address book app, has developed a mass phone number processing tool that provides you with a ‘clean’ format that can be dialled from anywhere.

PhoneWizard Screenshot - Mobile or Landline

Covve’s Phone Wizard is ideal if you are looking to clean a phone list prior to running a text message (SMS) campaign.

You simply upload an excel file with the numbers and it emails you a processed excel with the cleansed numbers, as well as country info and phone type (mobile/landline).

Just visit to take it for a spin!