Relationship-Building: The Key for Finance Professionals
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Relationship-Building: The Key for Finance Professionals

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Attaining success in your profession involves more than just being skilled and punctual with your tasks. Nurturing strong relationships is a key factor in realizing your professional objectives.

In our recent interview with Eric de Santis on networking insights for professionals, he highlights that "expanding your universe of relationships, listening to new ideas, and understanding what's important to others" plays a crucial role in this regard.

As a finance professional specializing in Turnaround & Restructuring, Eric shares how he continually expands his network and nurtures long-standing relationships. The value of maintaining social connections can sometimes be overlooked when pursuing a demanding career. Eric faced this challenge and sought a solution that was meaningful to him, and not solely sales-driven. That's when he discovered Covve, a cutting-edge personal CRM that helps him efficiently manage his network of contacts.

"I use Covve, which is kind of my own personal way of maintaining my relationships, both professionally and personally, because it gives me an opportunity to help build those new relationships, as well as keep nurturing the current ones.", he mentions.

With Covve, keeping track of important events like a cousin's birthday or staying informed about a client's interests and activities became effortless. By utilizing the power of a personal CRM to manage relationships, such a task becomes simplified, and the risk of losing touch with important connections is minimized.

"Getting a reminder on Covve, showing me progress of how I'm maintaining my relationships has been super helpful because it puts it out in front of you and lets you know ‘hey, you have to make an effort here' and that's a big part of relationship-building.", Eric adds.

Watch the full interview below to discover why Covve is the preferred choice of busy professionals looking to establish meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Eric De Santis has spent more than 18 years in finance and distressed debt sectors, with over 12 years focused on loan restructurings and workouts.