Emoji's Role in Emotional Connections
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Emoji's Role in Emotional Connections

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Genuine human connections can sometimes feel sparse when instant gratification and access to the world through the internet is constantly within our reach. The Covve workshop, titled "Healthy Habits of Connection," aimed to mitigate this by sharing innovative ways to foster and maintain connections. Among the illuminating voices at the workshop was Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu, whose unique approach highlights the intertwined nature of emotion and connection.

Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu -- Emotion and Connection

As the Head of Emotional Fitness at Coa, Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu holds a unique vantage point. A licensed psychologist, she works extensively with companies to proactively hone their mental health skills. Through live, therapist-led classes and on-demand learning modules, Coa assists individuals and professionals in navigating a plethora of challenges, from stress management to leadership effectiveness and resilience building.

Reflecting on her vast experience, Dr. Sandhu shared a poignant observation: "What I have seen personally, working as a psychologist for over 10 years, is that the most potent stress-relieving factor for individuals is connecting with others. Even having just one person who affirms their worth, values them, and inspires them can make a world of difference." This connection, as Dr. Sandhu explained, can lead to improved performance, better interpersonal behaviors, and even enhanced parenting skills.

The Emotional Push-Up -- A Unique Connection Exercise

Dubbing her exercise as an "emotional push-up," Dr. Sandhu's approach was both unique and playful. The primary goal? Reconnecting with someone after a period of disconnection, be it days or even years. She tasked the attendees with reaching out to a contact they hadn't communicated with in at least three days.

The twist? Using only 4-5 emojis to convey their message. This not only added an element of playfulness but also a touch of mystery, as the recipient would then try to decode the emoji message. Through this playful template, Dr. Sandhu aimed to encourage more lighthearted and frequent reconnections.

To ensure that this wasn't just a one-off exercise, she recommended attendees set aside a specific time regularly to send out at least one such emoji-laden message to a dormant contact, thus forming a habit.

Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu's contribution to the Covve workshop was a gentle reminder that human connections don't always need to be profound or intense; sometimes, a playful nudge can be just as impactful. As we strive to maintain connections in a world filled with notifications and digital noise, her "emotional push-up" stands as a testament to the power of playfulness, creativity, and genuine intent in building and nurturing relationships.

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